A common question to us is “how soon should I turn over accounts after they become delinquent?”  Our usual answer is “the sooner, the better”.  The reason is working with recently charged off accounts can increase your rate of recovery.

The best time may vary from industry to industry, but once an account passes 60 or 90 days, from date of service or last payment, it is time to consider turning it over for collections.

By this time, you have probably left many messages.  In addition you have probably sent a variety of letters or past due invoices.  It soon should become apparent that your consumer or commercial account is not too interested in paying you and is not respecting your efforts to get paid.  How much longer do you want to tie up your bottom line and carry this emotional burden?  It is time to “Free Your Bottom Line”.

Yes, we do accept older accounts and second placements.  If you have old accounts tying up your bottom line, we will free it by accepting accounts within 4 years of date of service or last payment.  Contact us today to discuss your potential collection needs.  “We will free your bottom line and let it soar.”