How Will My Accounts Be Handled?

All of your accounts will be handled professionally and confidentially.  AAS strives to work fully within the boundaries of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

What Happens Once I Turn Over Accounts for Recovery?

AAS will contact the consumer to advise them we have been retained as a debt collector by you.  They will be provided the mandatory 30 day validation period for the debt.  Once a debt is validated, we begin negotiations with the consumer to resolve the situation.

Once a consumer’s financial ability toward repayment has been determined, we negotiate a fair plan to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.  Depending upon their situation, we will accept payment-in-full or establish monthly payment arrangements.  If monthly payment arrangements are made, the debtor will receive a bill each month until their account has been paid-in-full.  We provide free convenient re-payment options to the consumer such as a pay website, checking account auto debit, and free check-by-phone and bank card methods.  For a small nominal transaction charge, we also offer a 24/7 IVR phone pay system.

Not Left In The Dark 

Have you ever worked with an agency and wondered if they got anywhere with your accounts?  Our clients have the anytime privilege of tracking our progress on their accounts with this website.  This is done with an approved, secure account under the Client Login section.

What If An Account Is Uncooperative Toward Repayment?

The first step is to determine a debtor’s ability to pay.  AAS investigates the consumer’s financial situation to determine his or her repayment ability.  Remember, there is a significant difference between not being able to pay and outright refusing to pay.

AAS will report uncooperative consumer accounts to all the major credit bureaus.  In addition, if the consumer refuses to respond or ignores our fair efforts to resolve the debt, our thorough financial investigation will clearly reveal what action we should take.  Actions may include a request to the client for suit authorization.

Thank you for looking to AAS Debt Recovery Inc. for assistance with your account collection efforts.  We are always looking forward to building long and successful working relationships. Please contact us to discuss your situation.