Top 10 Signs Your Business Needs Help from AAS

The communication process has broken down between you and your consumer


Your consumer has disappeared


Your consumer’s attitude is of no concern toward paying his debt


Debt balances are now beyond average late payment markers of 60, 90, or 120 days


You realize you do not have the staff, resources, or time to handle bad debt accounts


You realize collecting past debts is important to maintaining financial stability of your business


You are considering raising prices on your paying customers to help compensate for your delinquent consumers


You are experiencing high mental anguish, frustration, and stress over your delinquent consumers


You are considering hiring an attorney to send letters and/or file a judgment on your behalf


Your current collection agency has produced lackluster results


Can AAS Help You?

Is your business’s bottom line burdened by delinquent debt and past due receivables?
Unlike regular collection agencies, WE WILL HELP! We will free your bottom line and let it soar.

AAS Debt Recovery Inc. is a company built with the dedication of assisting you, a credit issuer, retrieve losses and eliminate time-consuming account receivable problems. We have been recovering and preventing lost funds successfully and ethically since 1972.